Is there the time for being PIONEERS?!

Archil Chkoidze through social network condemns the Congress of “Socialistic Georgia” held in Batumi and blames the participants in anti-state activities.  Find below the statement made by Mr. Chkoidze.

 This type of forum runs counter to the restoration of Georgian-Russian relations, and it is rather destructive for many reasons.  Is there the time for being PIONEERS and what the Anthem of the collapsed Soviet Union has to do with the regulation of relations with the Russian Federation?  Relation building requires other forms and formats, and not in a way as seen by the organizers of the Socialists’ Congress.  To put it mildly, it is rather curiosity when the leaders of the Political Party Neutral Georgia propose to invite Russian Army in Georgia. Equally strange are their arguments, which only refer to the development of the Soviet Georgia – which is the fact and no one argues.  However, they do not remember Soviet Georgia’s contribution in the functioning of the huge Soviet Machine, including the victims of the Second World War: unprecedented share of those who perished (400,000 people against 4 mill. population) or were injured (300,000) in the course of the War; executed and exiled Georgian intellectuals; collapsed churches and monasteries, etc.  Communist party and Socialism is the past even for Russia and that’s why I find unrealistic to regulate the relations with

the Russian Federation through such means.  Independent Georgia may not be a country of one-vector policy; that was its destiny since the ancient times and that is the case even now.  Throughout its history Georgia pursued one-vector policy (more correctly, had no independent policy) only when the country was either taken by or subordinated to some strong Empires.  A wise man shall give a look to every direction – both, the threat and the good are expected from any corner.