From egg throwing to the effigy burning - you just go round the circle to the benefit of National Movement!




Archil Chkoidze commented burning of effigies for Saakashvili and Fethullah Giulen in Adjara in the social network.  He blames organizers of the action in serving the interests of Saakashvili and the National Movement. 

Let me share my view with you regarding the groups that are allegedly against Saakashvili.  A few years ago, one person from Ivanishvili’s team established the NGO ‘Tavisupali Taoba’ (Free Generation) opposing the National Movement and the Free Zone.  There was a clash between them and the activists of National Movement several times punched the leaders of Free Generation.  That was the only achievement of the latter.  National movement did its best to show Ivanishvili and Garibashvili as supporters of violent NGO.

We are witnessing the same now.  A group of some 100 people holds the actions in front of the offices of the National movement: they burn the effigies of their leaders and breed the ground for civil confrontation.  Such development is the benefit only for Saakashvili’s team, as they find themselves in winning position.  Their activists blame the government in violation of human rights; particularly they blame Ivanishvili and Georgian Dream in supporting such method of political fighting.

I believe that today no one can gain any authority through abusing the national Movement, either political party or NGO.  People are sick and tired looking at flying eggs and tomatoes from one side to another, neither demonstrations of 20-30 people can impress then.  Political parties shall offer the new

visions regarding restoration of territorial integrity, economic development, how to tackle unemployment, how to avoid ecological calamities, fight against low-quality food and how to solve many other pressing problems.

We need to face the truth: National Movement and its alliance parties and NGOs have more professionals, than other parties altogether, except of Georgian Dream.  However, one easily finds former Saakashvili’s activists among the ‘Dreamers’. 

To make a long story short, such actions are either organized for a special purpose – to back Saakashvili team, or the organizers know nothing about ‘PR’ methods.  In any case, one is clear - ‘Georgian Dream’ really needs better skills in PR campaign, and its supporters are so sorry about it.